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Meet BMD renewables

BMD Renewables is a leading provider of large ground source heat pump systems and networks, offering a comprehensive range of services from project evaluation to network management. We are passionate about harnessing the Earth's natural energy to deliver clean, cost-effective, and reliable heating and cooling solutions for our clients.

Your partner in sustainable heating solutions

We envision a future where Geo exchange heat pump technology is the standard for heating and cooling, transforming the way we power our buildings and communities.


We are committed to leading the way in this transformation, providing innovative and sustainable solutions that empower our clients to achieve their sustainability goals.

Our Vision

BMD renewables' mission is to consistently offer best in class energy and carbon performance to our customers. We are constantly innovating to enhance the performance and sustainability of our technology.


We partner for the long term employing sophisticated monitoring systems to collect real-time data on performance, enabling us to identify potential issues, optimise settings, and maximise energy efficiency.

What We Value

We are committed to continuous innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries of geothermal heat pump technology.



We are deeply committed to sustainability, striving to minimise our environmental impact and promote a cleaner planet.



We prioritise our clients' needs, engaging where we can add value and providing tailored solutions that meet their specific requirements.

Client centric


We are experienced professionals with a proven track record of success. We use our experience to form highly effective teams with our customers and supply chain. 

Team Work


We foster a collaborative environment, working closely with our clients, partners, and stakeholders to achieve shared goals.



To empower a sustainable future with products that reduce carbon emissions, enhance comfort, and optimise energy efficiency.

Future proof


Meet The Team

Roger Woods


  • 25 years experience working on innovative technology and renewable projects.

  • Previously Development Director for Tidal Lagoon. Power & Chief Operating Officer for Sword Group (NYSE Euronext).

Juliet Davenport

Non-Exec Director

  • Founder and former CEO Good Energy.

  • 20 years’ experience in innovation in energy and ethical business.

  • Currently Board Commissioner Crown Estates, Chair of Atralto Onsite Energy (Solar PV), NED Connected Kerb.

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