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Re-imagining the Future of Ground-source Heating

Meet BMD renewables

In a world increasingly focused on sustainability, BMD Renewables stands at the forefront of innovation, providing clean, cost-effective, and reliable heating and cooling solutions that are transforming the way we deliver energy to our buildings and communities.


Our unique ground source heat pump systems harness the Earth's natural energy to deliver a sustainable future for heating and cooling, offering a multitude of benefits for businesses, developers and network owners.

At BMD Renewables we design, build 

and operate large scale ground source heating systems and networks.

Clean, cost-effective & reliable

Geo-exchange heating

The technology we use - Geo-exchange - sets us apart. Patent protected it requires up to 10x fewer boreholes and up to 90x less surface space than traditional approaches. The earth is then used both as a source of heat and to store excess thermal energy from cooling and other sources. The result is class leading system performance, delivering up to 4.7 units of heat for each unit of electricity consumed.


Embracing a Low Carbon Future

In the competitive retail sector, optimising energy efficiency is 

essential for maintaining profitability and enhancing brand reputation. Our solutions deliver primary energy savings and reduced carbon across heating and cooling. Learn more...

Food Retail


Our Geo-exchange networks offer residents & businesses a clean and cost-effective low carbon heating and cooling solution. For developers and network owners we offer choices including centralised or distributed heat pumps and adding geo-exchange to existing networks to add capability and displace gas. Learn more...

Residential & Mixed Use


As institutions of higher learning, universities play a crucial role in promoting sustainability and environmental stewardship. BMD Renewables' solutions offer the opportunity to displace gas, minimise primary energy consumption and adopt a phased approach to decarbonising complex estates. Learn more...



We do right by humans and the planet.


BMD renewables is committed to Accelerating the Decarbonisation of Heat making a positive impact on local communities and our planet.

What We Do

Each engagement starts by working to understand your project. Our team use a proven approach to determine the specific requirements of your building or network including existing systems, energy demand profiles, potential waste heat recovery options, geological conditions and space constraints

Site Evaluation


We work with you to produce a concept design and associated cost models, outlining the upfront costs, ongoing operating expenses and potential savings. The models includes estimates for site preparation, drilling, heat pump installation & network infrastructure.

Feasibility & Cost Modeling


Our engineers design the Geo-Exchange system and network to meet your specific requirements. The design process consider factors such as energy efficiency, system reliability, resilience, maintenance, monitoring and cost optimisation.

Project Design


We manage the consenting process and help clients navigate funding options including securing grants, loans, and other forms of financing to secure options which improve project viability.

Consenting & Funding


We are responsible for the project delivery, from drilling the boreholes to installing the heat pumps and distribution system. We can work as principal contractor or within your project supply chain to ensure the project is completed to the highest standards.



Once the system or network is operational, we offer a range of solutions to ensure the expected results are achieved. This can range from monitoring and alerting through to full system and performance management. 

Operation & Management


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